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8 02 2011

The Belk Library at Appalachian State University

Film is as artform unlike any other. Unlike paintings, film actually speaks. Unlike books, film actually shows. Unlike sculptures, film expresses its feelings in a way open to all individuals.

Film touches. Film feels. Film laughs. Film cries. Film thinks. Film laughs. Film scares. Film exites. Film loves. Film comforts. Film stays with you after it’s long over.

I’ve long been a writer of film in various places, but this blog is for ASU students, by an ASU student, watching films he rented from the Belk Library at ASU. Others may share their love as well and may even find useful information, but this will be a prospective-driven blog.

I will list the new releases you should be checking out. I will write about each film, documentary and TV show that I check out from the Belk Library DVD section, and then I will tell you whether it’s worth watching. I have a rating system that is based on the library. John Leguizamo “Read” posters. If the DVD is a must-watch, then it gets 5 Leguizamos. The worst a DVD can get is 1 Leguizamo.

So there you go, I hope this becomes a resource for somebody, or at least introduces one person to one great work they otherwise wouldn’t have viewed without this blog.

Note 1: This blog is not officially associated with Appalachian State University, the North Carolina University System, Belk Library, the North Carolina Library System, or any organizations of any sort. The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.

Note 2: All Leguizamo posters are property of the American Library Association. Thus the copyright found on each poster.